Robert Craige I found a great ski product you should review.

I have come across a really exciting product for skiers that I believe your readers would really benefit from. It is a heated boot bag for ski boots. Having been a skier for half a century, I have seen more ski products come and go than I can count. The Hot Gear line of boot bags is something that can enhance every skier's experience. Having very flat and difficult to fit feet has always made comfort in ski boots a major issue for me. While I have the best in custom built and fitted boots, the Hot Gear boot bag makes it all work. By providing a warm boot to start your day in, the boot goes on easier and fits better, warmer and more comfortably for the entire day. Every skier knows that the single most important piece of ski gear is the ski boot. The Hot Gear Bag makes even the best boots work better. I urge you to take a look at this terrific product and get the word out to your readers-you will be a hero to them for doing so.
Mike Marolt
Mountain climber, former ski racer, one of the best mountain athletes of Aspen Colorado
The bags are just hot, no pun intended. Super product!

Just wanted to pass along how much I love this hot bag for my ski boots! This is a gimmick that really works. I love it. I am working on a system to bring it with me to Mt Everest this spring; if I can start the day up there with boots heated up with one of these, the days will be a lot easier.
Bob Litchard Just to follow up, the warm boots were just what you said. Skied all day in weather where the temp was about low 20's and neither of my feet got cold. Also putting the boots on, it was the first time I didn’t need help from my son or grandson. The Heated Boot Bag will add years to my skiing. Can't thank you enough.
Bob Litchard Franz, I followed Scott instructions. It was on all night and can't wait to try the boots today on the hill. After my fourth back surgery and the drop foot problem I gave up until Bill Marolt talked me into going to the program at Winter Park and learn to ski again with one leg. Now I can't get enough of it. But the poor blood circulation always leaves my foot cold, your Heated Boot Bag is just the right answer. Scott said he will hook up with you today and take care of the cost.

I can't thank you for introducing me to this new way of enjoying the day on the mountains.
Nick Brewster
Program Director & Head Ski Racing Coach
I am using the Hot Gear bag for myself and 2 racing daughters. The new race boots flex right away without cutting and grinding to soften them up. They are always warm and ready to be raced on. Having warm boots in the winter environment is in one word "priceless". If your athletes are anything like mine they never remove the bladders and fully dry out their boots. Then they wonder why the boots are cold, wet, and they don't ski well. You leave your wet boots, socks, & gloves in the bag come next morning all are dry, hot and ready to be raced on. Clearly, this will save me time and give my racers a competitive edge. As a diabetic I must have warm feet or risk losing them. The Hot Boot Bag will allow me to stay on the slopes for many more years to come. This is the best Snow Sports product since shaped skis or heated car seats.