Classic 220/V - In Stock

220v is for Europe

Going skiing in Europe? 220v is the bag you need! With warm boots you can ski worldwide.

This is the bag for every skier who wants to go to any country where 220v is standart. Get the best out of your skit trip with a heating and drying system for boots, gloves, socks and thermal wear. Additionally this bag has specialized compartments for your helmet and goggles. It also includes the unique changing pad for your feet while you put your boots on.

Strap this bag on your back and get to the mountain. This is the model preferred by the most of our male customers. It's also a good carry on when you fly!

Classic measurements- 50 liter - 29x46x43 cm. 11x18x17 inch

Price: $199.00
Item Number: CL-20020