How does it work?

Boot shells are heated inside the insulated Heated SKI Gear Bags System. Heat transfers into the liners and evaporates all the moisture from both the shells and the liners through a passive venting system. This proprietary and patent pending technology eliminates moisture build up between the shells and liners.

Eliminating moisture is the key for retaining foot warmth. That includes wearing dry socks. Residual moisture conducts the heat away from your feet to the cold plastic shells

The Heated SKI Gear Bags heating system also prevents moisture-related bacteria from building up and causing odors within the foam lining materials. In most other drying systems, the moisture absorbing foam liners never dry out and begin to deteriorate.

For best results please follow the following steps:

  • Clean your boot of snow and any dirt or rocks that might still be on your boot soles.
  • Put your boot in the ski boot dryer and ski boot heater portion of the bag.
  • Make sure that the heating element is not fouled or crumpled. (Please be gentle with your Heated SKI Gear Bags!)
  • Turn the control switch to the desired temperature level. (If you have any custom feet boot work done or custom insoles please check with your boot fitter for the best temperature level for your boots or insoles.)

HOT is 70°C/150°F (Red light)
DRY is 60°C/130°F (Yellow light)
WARM is 50°C/122°F (Green light)
If you are traveling to the ski slope, plug in your car extension cable during your travel time.
Please note that your boot can’t be dried if using the car plug in only. They will only be slightly warm!

Boot fitting and comfort – How it works:

Both the shell and the liner are heated by conduction. This results in a soft, dry and extremely easy boot to put on. Even the stiffest plastic shell and liner materials become pliable and soft, adapting naturally and easily around your feet to enable the best possible fit and comfort every time you put the boots on. Heat eliminates the typical pains and injuries caused by cold, stiff plastic, and the most common liner support and comfort problems. The thermostat adjustment dial also allows you to choose your preferred boot temperature … by your own trial and error.

Better skiing experience and performance – How it works:

In addition to the initial comfort benefits, the warm and dry insulation layers within boot liners are intended to help keep your feet warm within. The better the insulation, the warmer your feet will be, though some liner padding systems can also cut off your circulation. That does not help.

It is a remarkable advantage to begin every day with heated boots that are at least 40°F warmer than your body and especially your otherwise cooler feet. Room temperature boots are already 30° colder and sap the warmth from your feet the moment you put the boots on. Depending on the ambient skiing temperature, the hot shell and the liner insulation properties assure that your feet do not lose their heat for the first hour or two of skiing. Sometimes your feet will be warm all day. This can deliver a sense of total, blissful warmth and much improved skiing ability. It is like the difference between getting into a frozen cold car parked outside or into a car parked in a warm garage.

When the feet are warm and comfortable, you also have much better underfoot proprioception for a greatly improved sense of balance and sensitivity so essential for skiing. Numb, cramped feet are completely uncooperative and are the cause of poor balance, slow coordination and marginal control.

Feet and hands are the most difficult to keep warm. Starting the day with hot shells and liners gives you a first and lasting advantage that you use your energy for skiing and not for trying to keep your feet warm.

Many skiers who could not ski without battery-powered boot warmers now find that the Heated SKI Gear Bags lasts even longer with the bag’s special ski boot dryer and ski boot heater technology.

Accessories care:

The Heated SKI Gear Bags System is also designed to dry and warm your important accessories such as gloves, socks, thermal underwear and helmet. Heated SKI Gear Bags also furnish cool compartments for goggles and other accessories. And in some models, there is a hot changing pad stored in a zip-pocket under the bag, which offers a warm, dry, padded surface to stand on while changing your boots.

In the lodge, ski locker room, or in the parking lot, the Heated SKI Gear Bags delivers exceptional comfort:

• You can arrive in a frozen parking lot with your boots heated in the bag by the 12-volt accessory cord … and you slip easily into your otherwise stiff and cold shells. Within seconds, you are buckled up and on your way to the lifts ... or hiking up the mountain in blissful warmth.

We wish you very Happy Skiing.